Water proof & weather proof coats.

These are coats intended to afford the dog additional warmth, or keep the pet dry on their walks. These are made especially to the pets’ measurements. For details of how & where to measure your dog please go to the measurement & sizing guide for details & images demonstrating how & where to measure.  

I make protective coats in 2 basic styles with slight variations within each. There’s the traditional style with a Velcro or clip fastener at the front and under the tummy.


The other main style offers more protection, as it covers the front chest to the tummy around the last ribs. Meaning that the chest is protected from wet grass and brambles when foraging in the woods and walking through long grasses or wilderness. Which is handy for those dogs sensitive, or with allergies to certain grasses or pollens.


This also makes the clean up after a wet muddy walk much easier as only the head & legs are exposed to get muddy. This is particularly good for dogs with longer feathers on their tummy as much is kept enclosed & dry. Preventing wet dirty patches on the furniture, or having to exclude your dog from the furniture til they are dry. 



There are also variants on the original styles, incorporating dual colours for both co-ordinating & contrasting effects, and incorporating reflective strips & other detailing.

All coats are available with reflective tape or binding, or even plain. Or in non waterproof fabrics if required.


There are another variations on this jacket. I’m continually developing ideas. One style is a step in coat, that fastens up the back of the dog with either a zip or strip of velcro. The benefit of this is there is no little gap behind the front leg to allow splashed water to flick up. The chest protector coat is usually sufficient, but should you have a dog with longer feathers, or that flicks muddy water particularly badly, this might be the better option in those circumstances.



With sizes from tiny teacup pups right through to your Irish Wolfhounds any shape or size is available.