Toys and fun training toys

Toys for fun

Dogs love to play and if toys aren't provided they will try to find something to play with. This usually ends up being your favourite (and most expensive) shoes, or something else they shouldn't have.

The toys I make come with optional squeaker incase you have a squeaker mad pup, and a range without stuffing so much less chance of causing a trip to the vet through swallowing the stuffing. There are more new toys being developed all the times, and as with the coats come in sizes suitable for puppies right upto large toys for the giant breeds. Just ask for details.

As with all pet toys, please check regularly for damage, & don't leave for periods unsupervised, it only takes a moment!



Training and enrichment items

Dogs love to play with their human. so rather than a basic fetch try making it more interesting. Or use it to teach a young dog how to fetch with one of my training toys.

Slip a treat inside and put it on the floor, encourage pup to bring it to you, only a foot or so initially. This is to teach them that they only get the treat from inside (or a smaller reward treat from you) if they give it to you to open. (Helping with the leave/drop training too)

Gradually increase the distance until you're throwing it & successfully playing fetch!

To move onto other items in fetch, tie this retrieve pouch to the other item you want him to retrieve, & continue so he's bringing you both, then randomly throw the item without the pouch rewarding with a small treat for each successfull retrieve. Gradually wean the pouch off & you've sucessfully taught your dog the fun of fetch!