Fleece sweaters and tank tops.


Hand made fleece sweaters & tank tops. Made to your dogs measurements ensuring a good fit, and suitability for dogs of all shapes and sizes.


The difference between the sweaters & tank tops is the legs. Sweaters have legs in the front, the length of which can be requested. The tank tops are without any legs.

Another version is available with both front & back legs on request. What I class as winter wear or even pyjama style, these are generally for severe weather.


The sweaters come with an added bonus of adjustable waist. No more dealing with coats & wet accidents when bringing your boys home, due to baggy sweaters.

The buttonhole elastic I incorporated within the sweaters means you can adjust it to fit the first time you put it on, & leave it perfectly fitted from then on.

(Unless your dog gains or looses any weight!)

To order one of my bespoke tailored sweaters or coats see the how to measure page for a guide on how & where to measure your dog. Either use the images & instructions or see the video clip, (coming soon) demonstrating where to measure for the most accurate sizing for your dogs.  



I do make a range of ready to wear items in a few basic sizes. If your dog would fit into one of these coats, you can order it by checking the basic measurements against your dogs sizes & choosing the option if available.


You can now personalise sweaters, coats & accessories. Either through iron ons or embroidery. Fleece does suit iron on better as embroidery can deform the slightly stretchy fleece.

Now agility & flyball clubs can keep ALL their team warm and looking good, whilst waiting to compete.



For team orders forward enquiries to Sandra@apawfectfit.co.uk