Measurement guide for tailored dog coat/sweater

Note: NOT all these measurements are required for waterproof coats or for ready to wear range-This is a comprehensive measurement guide for my bespoke range to ensure the coat or sweater is a good fit.

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A ______  High neck (narrowest part usually just behind the ears)
B_______ Low neck (widest part of neck at base)
C_______ Chest (deepest circumference of chest)
D_______ Waist (circumference just after last ribs before tummy)
E_______ Upper thigh to upper thigh (approx mid point between knee & hip)
F_______ Back length (base of neck to base of tail)
G_______ Neck length (measurement between (A)-High & (B)-low neck)
H_______ Low neck to last ribs (base neck (B) between front legs to last ribs approx measurement (D) placement)
I________ Low neck to shoulder blade (diagonal measurement from low neck (B) to shoulder blade – either leg)  
J_______ Chest width (shoulder blade to shoulder blade- front facing)
K_______ Between front legs (measurement over ribs between the front legs)

Measurements required for sweaters - Bespoke sweater= All measurements (A through to K)
Measurements required for bespoke waterproof coats – B-C-D-E-F-G-H-J-K
Ready to wear coat & sweater range – B- C- F only needed

Please state if measurements are taken in centimetres or inches

Download a copy of this guide from Here

How to order

Ordering is easy.

Standard sizing ranges is the Low neck, back length & chest depth to ensure the correct siz\e is being ordered.

For the bespoke items just check the chart as to which measuements you need.You can order via e-mail or phone, or in person at one of the many dog rescue, or arts & crafts events I attend through the yearSo now you've the measurements, decide what colour you want, send this with the measurements to me, and I can make your garment.Payment can be arranged by either pay pal, bacs transfer or a cheque ( though the cheque must be banked and cleared before any items can be dispatched.


Disclaimer: Pet garments are made using the measurements supplied. I make the item presuming the measurements to be accurate, any ill fitting garments caused by incorrect measurements being supplied are the sole responsibility of the customer placing the order and supplying the measurements.