Dog collars

The collars I currently make what are known as martingale collars, (similar to half check collars).

The collars consist of a length of strengthened and lined decorative fabric with metal loops at either end.  This then has a length of either co-ordinating webbing or a matching fabric with a ring to attach the leash to. Almost any fabric you want can be used as it is strengthened, but I like to use the tighter woven type, that have a strong weft thread to give that little extra strength.


This type of collar tightens to ‘hug’ the dogs neck, NOT choke it, when they pull. I always make the collar still have room so 1 or 2 fingers can slip in behind it at its tightest point when at the narrowest point of the neck, just behind the ears. (As recommened by the Kennel Club for a well fitting standard collar).
The beauty of these collars is that when not on lead & relaxing around home or walking nicely, the collar relaxes. And so it is more comfortable than a basic collar that is always at the tightness it needs to be to prevent it slipping off on walks, even when not required to be.

These collars are also great for those dogs with a lot of loose skin or thick fur around the neck. As to have a collar fitting well, and what is deemed as correctly, will always make these dogs look uncomfortable, (we never can know if they feel as uncomfortable as they look!). So owners of these types of breeds tend to turn to the half check collar, or resort to a choke chain type lead when out & no collar at all the rest of the time. Which can potentially be a problem if the dog escapes & is picked up, resulting in just a fine. if lucky, for no ID tag, & reunited after a stressful & worrying time for both owner & dog. Or if unlucky (& not chipped) the dog being rehomed, never to be seen by its owner again (or worse destroyed if the kennels have no room for it).
These are just a more ornate version of the half check style, and have numerous combinations of fabrics available, as any quality fabric can be used as its strengthened with an interlining & has a final visible lining.

The collars come in bespoke sizes to your dogs measurements. Especially the shaped hound style of collar as there is no room to put adjusters in, but the shape ensures a greater surface area contacting the neck reducing the effects of pulling against the leash.
Most collars are also available in basic size increases of 1 inch increments which is usually sufficient, as long as the dog has been measured correctly and the correct size purchased.
I do also make the decorative coats in a flat traditional strip collar which I can place adjusters on should you so require, but I personally prefer to have the collar fitting perfectly then there’s no chance of the collar working loose on a persistent puller!

Please see the measuring guide to show you how to accurately measure, ensuring the perfect fit for your dog.