Gee whiz its flying by again!

5th March 2016

Its going to be another speedy year if these first few months are anything to go by. What with organising more fun dog events to attend, as well as new & fun products as well as products a little more serious but no less satisfying.

From the development of fun flat caps, and practical snoods for the breeds that feel the cold. To developing items to assist the older dog & some of the issues they face, such as mild incontinence. Even waterproof leg covers to help keep those bandages dry.

Needless to say busy, busy, busy. 2016 is going to be a big year for new things as well as seeing all our regular pals at events around the area. The term "WATCH THIS SPACE" was never more apt!!

Feel free to contact me for information or requests for products you've a need for but can't find. We can work some of these problems out together.


Where did the time go?!

7th December 2015

Wow! Where did this year go?! We're looking to the last few weeks of 2015, and its been a fabulous year, with lots of new friends joining the Pawfect Fit family. Lots of new products, and expansions into new areas, helping rescue centres out, making your pooches even more attractive than normal, and even making now for the rodent pals from ratties, to hoggies & ferrets! 2016 is going to be even more fun I can feel it in my bones.


Busy season, fun times.

7th July 2015

It's busy times at the moment with lots of fairs, fun dog shows, and along with that comes the need to keep our furry pals cool and safe.

Many opting for the cooling bandanas, or hats to stop their pals from burning. But there are still idiots out there that think its ok to leave dogs in cars, when even cloudy weather this time of year can be fatal to dogs locked in cars! Remember if you might need to leave them in the car for even 5 mins. Keep them safe, leave them at home.

Keeping our pals safe in another way is the personalised bandanas. From just names to warning of behavioural issues, or even now a range advising that though they might look big & scary, they're actually friendly.

The ranges are expanding all the time, and I'm always open to suggestions. Feel free to ask if there's something you want, but can't find. If its doable and not harmful to your pup I'm willing to give it a go.


A Pawfect fit now available in a local pet treat store.

14th March 2015

As of last week we are now available to purchase or order from a local hand baked treat store. A Treat 2 sit 4 not ony stocks A Pawfect Fit's pet wear ranges, buit also makes yummy wheat & gluten free treats. Meaning they are Ambers new best pals!

Amber & Henry source out new & natural treats!

The post xmas guilt of over indulging has hit at A Pawfect Fit. Even Henry & Amber have decided to look for alternative treats for their bedtime snacks, and we found them! A lovely local shop who hand make all their own treats situated just around the corner in Ryhill (West Yorkshire)

They are even great for Ambers allergies containing no wheat or gluten, so support another small local business and find A Treat 2 Sit 4's website via the links page.


A bit of fun & frivolity on a cold snowy day

29th January 2015

During the snowy weather me & the gang started a clear up after the super busy christmas period, and subsequently found the stash of a few of the dogs old fancy dress outfits. Many who know me know how I feel about dressing your dog up 24/7 but as a bit of frivolity on a special occassion, or fun competition is another matter. So who better to model the outfits than the very pups who love to pose for photos?


New year, new products & new ideas!

 31st December 2014


Its been a very busy few months, with lots of events. I've met lots of lovely pups (and owners!) Met Santa on several occasions and been developing some new products too.

So after a few days rest and warm up after the chilly outdoor events through December. I'll be doing more experimentation and developing some ideas I've had.

Personalisation is going to be much easier in the new year, with the addition of vinyls as well as embroidery. Vinyls keep the waterproof surface intact for the wet wear products, enabling waterproof coats to be personalised too.

The range of accessories, for both dog and other furry paws will be expanding as I develop them. Such as cat and ferret snuggles/beds. Rat hammocks, crinkle tunnels etc. All hopefully fun and decorative.

The range of frivolous and fun (yet safe and comfy for the pet) might just expand too. Such as the bow tie Ambers modelling so beautifully, maybe even be adding a wedding range, with the increase of people including their dogs in their big day!

So all in all a very exciting year to come for 2015!! I hope to see all our friends, both old and new.


Even more ego boosts & christmas excitement!!

 27th October 2014

It seems like ages since I got chance to update the blog, but lots has happened.

I've had a couple of newspaper articles written about the business and me one local to the event I attended In August, another only a couple of weeks ago, from a local paper who'd seen the website & wanted to do a feature on me as a local business.

All very flattering, & with all the new products being developed for other pets too ready for the Christmas gift ideas including a cute variation on the bib idea, a tuxedo bib. for those dogs who just can't help but drool at the christmas turkey, but still wants to dress to impress!! On the subject of dressing for Christmas, I also do a tie & collar (including dickie bow version- a la Tim Wannacot!) and loads more festive fun, including cat & ferret snuggles!!


Big events & ego boosts!!

 1st September 2014

Its been a busy whirlwind of a summer, & now were heading back to Autumn. After a special invite to attend The Pet Show at Lieghton Park, I was spotted by a web based pet superstore wanting to sell my products, I was also spotted by a local magazinne editor, who thought my products stood out & wrote a litttle feature advert in one of their papers. The word is spreading folks! Watch this space this time next year............

The Pet Show pics- calm before the storm, so busy & such fun, hope to do it all again next year.

Summer madness & sensible ideas!!

 16 May 2014

Whether its the warmer weather or just me having a little mental moment, but I had a bit of a daft session over the last week or 2 & have adapted and made a dog baaseball hat which could be used for those dogs prone to sunburn! I couldn't believe how well firstly the dogs took to wearing them, but then also how well they stayed on!

After my mad moment I turned my attention to a much more practicle & sensible idea. Adapting the yellow dog scheme where owners can warn people if their dog have behavioural issues at a distance by wearing a yellow ribbon.

Taking it a step further in conjunction with the behaviourist Mel Downing I created a little vest in yellow to warn, but also embroidered it up to potentially be much more specific. I will also be running yellow warning bandanas too. Just contact me for details on both the scheme vests or fun hats!


New projects

14th April 2014

There are alot of 'new' ideas in the pipeline as well as adaptations of some existing ones. Some are practicle & others are a little more frivolous, but I want to surprise you with the finished item on most. Now teasing out of the way!!

One thing that hasn't changed though but has been expanded on is the option to have your products personalised. Whether it is with embroidery or with iron on lettering, it gives you flexibility to make your pets item truly your own, or just identify who's is who's with similar sized dogs in multi dog homes.

The slobber bibs are a new to here for 2014, although those of you that are fron Dogue de Bordeaux rescue links will recognise them as the same as their s because I supply them when they are ordered. But you can also order both personalised and non direct from me. Listing to be added shortly.

Now we know who's is who's!!

What a scruffy pup!!

The first pupdate for A Pawfect Fit!!

07 March 2014

Welcome to the pawfect fit pupdates.

The first postings a fun one, I'm often asked why my dogs wear coats or sweaters on walks sometimes even when the suns out (on muddy days after lots of rain might I add). I think without the need for description the photos attached are all the explaination I need.

The state my 2 would end up in on wet & muddy walks isn't worth contemplating. Without a coat I'd spend more time cleaning them up than enjoying the walk, so unless they're due a bath anyway they get something to protect from the worst!

We just accept that in really hot wet weather we have to have dirty dawgs!

Proof of the pudding