Towel coat

As an additional practical item to my range I make a coat made from a towel fabric. These are particularly useful when used after a long wet walk whether it be after a wade in the ponds at public parks or at the seaside, caught out without the waterproof coat on a long walk, or even in the summer when a coat might seem too warm but the British summer showers strike!

These are also very useful in keeping vehicles dry after your dog has been for a swim, whether at the beach, local park pond or in a hydrotherapy pool.

Towel coats also afford a little warmth on the journey home for those who have been in hydrotherapy for joint issues as it prevents the dog getting too cold from atmospheric exposure & wet fur causing them to seize up, by absorbing the worst of the damp away from the skin, helping to protect those with achy or arthritic joints.

Towel coats can be made in the traditional simple style of coat with front fastening & belt strap for ease of application for those new to coat wearing, or in the chest protector style affording more coverage. The chest protector type seems better for those with longer fur, or sensitive to the cold, such as old, very young, or those with ill health,  as it covers more surface area on the chest & tummy area.

There’s also another basic version which is extra long on both sides to afford more surface area of towel for those who want to protect furnishings or the vehicle from wet fur. Ideal in situations where the dog will be laid down whilst drying, as the towel has more chance to cover surface areas underneath without the intervention of owners. Not ideal for the dog who will be fully mobile when wearing as the length of the towel on either side can cause problems if the dog accidentally treads on it when running around. If its likely to be moving more than standing & turning around to reposition itself, I’d recommend going for one of the other styles of coat to ensure safety for your dog. 

All coats are fine to wear harnesses over the top for car journeys & secure travelling.



Cooling coats & bandanas

These coats can also double up as a cooling aid in the summertime for dogs who suffer from any heat we get.

As dogs don't sweat like humans other than from their feet, they can only cool down by panting, with dogs that have breathing issues or with lots of thick fur bread for cold climates the heat can be insufferable.

All that is needed is a bucket to immerse the coat into. If outdoors you can even leave it wet, indoors just wring out before putting on your dog. the water will then evaporate from the coat aiding the dogs ability to cool down.

This is the same in the towel bandanas that are available. when applied wet to the neck it rests against the thinner neck skin cooling the arteries under the skin helping to cool them down. (See Bandana section for more information)

All you need to be aware of is them drying out, a dry bandana will heat not cool, so just check it every hour or so & ensure its always kept damp until the weather cools down.

Prices start from £4.00 for bandanas and £ 9.50 for towel coats. they then increase in price as the size increases.