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The place to get your dogs protective outer wear and pet accessories from.

A Pawfect Fit was created when I found that like most human clothing, the ‘standard’ sizes were unsuitable for most dogs actual shape & proportions. The coats available are ill fitting, and some were obviously uncomfortable.

I also discovered that above a certain size of dog it’s very difficult to get anything to fit at all, and the few choices out there are limited. Leaving some owners paying over the odds for an item that did the job, in a fashion, but wasn’t particularly appealing.

The items I make are practical but also attractive, comfortable & well fitting. Most of all I aim to make them affordable even though they have been made to your dogs individual measurements, from a hand drafted pattern.

The initial idea for making my own patterns sprung from my own dogs not being what was deemed as standard proportions. So I had to make coats to fit. This turned into making coats for friends & families’ dogs & then lots for a local rescue, which was welcomed with such enthusiasm, it made me consider trying to fill the gap I had discovered.

216 copy.jpgMy choice to specialise in the difficult to fit breeds or giant breeds such as the Mastiff, Great Dane & Newfoundland, down to the small Chihuahua, and the not traditionally standard proportioned Dachshund!

I have also recently become aware of the difficulties of protecting disabled dogs, & am looking into adapting or creating products that might be useful for those too.

So that’s A Pawfect Fit. Trying to make sourcing protective outer wear for the non standard dog an easier prospect!

I can make for any size, breed, & in any style, though I try to aim for understated elegance & practicality rather than prima ballerina. But the point of having an item made from scratch means that if it’s possible you can have whatever you like!

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