Fun and frivolity

We've got a range of practical products, to keep pup warm, dry and comfy. But we also need to keep him happy, which includes having fun, and sometimes being a little silly.

From the tuxedo & bow tie dribble bib, to the collar & bow tie, as demonstrated by Amber looking almost stripperesque!!! (chippenpups look out!) Also available as a traditional tie with collar. Bow tie and collars available in various sizes.

Small- £5.50

Medium - £6.50

Large- £7.50

X Large - £8.50

Basic style dribble Bibs from £6.50 for small or £9.50 for the larger size.

We all love to dress our pets in cute outfits, but here at A Pawfect Fit its the dogs comfort that's priority number 1. The the fit and aesthetics come as a seperate issue.

Outfits can be requested as one off bespoke items, such as Henry's impression of the devil and a sunflower. Or there will shortly be a few 'ideas' as a potential standard ready to wear range.


The benefit of bespoke is you can involve your less 'standard' size or shape of dog. And as the quality will be the same as the normal products, they will be in use for years to come. Such as these santa jackets modelled by my 2 pups.


We do like to be daft, & so do our pups. but these hats do help protect our whiter dogs from sunburn. Made in several sizes, and in varying designs, theres something to fit the vainest pooch. Ziggy here we found LOVES hats! Luckily you don't have to be family to afford to have a few style options!