A new line of attractive yet also useful bandanas.

When wet they can act as a cooling aid for your dog, keeping the neck area near the jugular vein cool, helping to prevent over heating in hot weather.

The cotton are lightweight & smaller so easier to keep to hand, & available in more designs, but don’t retain the water as long as the towel type.

The towel type retains water much longer ensuring less need to rewet, butdue to the fabric, it is bulkier to carry when out.

Microfibre is a mid way between this, but is restricted in availability, as only available in certain colours.

Not only a practical use but a pretty accessory.


A recent addition and new idea. I funeral bandana. A basic black bandana, so your pet can show his or her respects if attending the funeral of a loved one. A new use for this item I hadn't thought of, but is a really nice idea.

Other colours & designs are available, especially in the cotton ranges. Please contact me to see what's available.

S £3.50

M £4.00

L £5.00

XL £6.00


Personalised & warning bandanas

Along the theme of, the yellow dog scheme. I can create a bandana with a personal or warning message ensuring others know to give your dog space if they have any issues.

Yellow bandanas to support the yellow dog scheme are available, but other colours with wording are also available. Please contact me for more information or to order.


Personalised & embroidered images bandana prices, 10 letters included for personalised wording, addirional cost for more (warning wording excluded from additional cost)

S £4.50

M £5.00

L £6.00

XL £7.00

Yellow warning vests from £10.50 depending on size required. Ask me for more details